Bryan Avila (theproducerbdb): An Exclusive Interview with A.I.M.O.

I have been a fan of your work for years. Your pieces are always so colorful and have many layers to them. Can you kindly tell our readers about your creative process and how you approach each piece? My artwork is a reflection of all the things I like, Music, Fashion, Art, Technology and History. Each piece is a trip into the past, present and future. You will see great artists like Andy Warhol wearing Kanye West shoes made by an artist who is inspired by both.The crazy thing is these pieces will be around probably longer than me and they will tell the story of right now. I would like to think how would Picasso dress if he was going through his blue period today? Would he be in Chanel? Would

Matthew Grabelsky: An Exclusive Interview with A.I.M.O.

Your work is so intriguing to me! The way you juxtapose people with animals is simply exquisite. When was the first time you combined the two subjects together? The first painting I did with someone with an animal head was back in 2011. I was living in Paris and had come back to New York to visit family. I was on the subway and I snapped a photo of a quirky couple sitting across from me. When I looked at the photo later on the idea to add an animal just popped into my head. What is your preferred medium of choice? All my paintings are done with oil. These days I mostly paint on panel because I like the look of the smooth surface. When was your first show and what was showcased? The first sho

Reisha Perlmutter: An Exclusive Interview with A.I.M.O.

When did you first get inspired to paint underwater figures? This series was born from a previous series where I was painting figures immersed in natural environments, connected with dirt, light, and leaves. The series was about the physical tie between body and nature, similarly to my newer water series. At that time, I was also working with imagery evocative of my childhood. I grew up in Florida, and the natural world was something I was always intoxicated by. I moved from the environment of dirt to water, as it was an equally poignant connection for me. What medium intimidates you that you have yet to try? Maybe encaustic? I also find watercolor exceedingly difficult. There is just someth

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