Martin Whatson: Color and Contrast

Martin, it has been way too long since we last caught up. Whenever I see your work, a smile comes across my face as I always love the use of color in your work. I love the way you blend the different color palettes together in your pieces. Was that always your method of painting? If so, what drew you to balancing the two within one medium? I have studied both art and design, so color theory and composition is important to me, the colors are not chosen by chance, I try to balance them as to get an expression that's pleasing to the eye. It has been an ongoing progression since my days doing graffiti in the 2000’s. Do you have a favorite subject matter to paint? If not, is there anything you wa

Adam Giroux: Beyond The Process

Adam, your subject matter is haunting to me, not only with your choice of what appears to be somewhat nameless faces, but your use of positive and negative narratives. What emotions would you like your audience to feel upon looking at your work? Each painting is an attempt at evaluating a theme from a particular perspective. For a given body of work, I will try to look at a topic like self-improvement, restrictions, or more recently, the little transactions we have in our relationships with others, and evaluate them from different angles. We all have a resting opinion on most topics, but it is important to challenge those viewpoints and hear what others have to say. For me, it is a process t

Up Close and Real Personal: Appleton Pictures

Let me first tell you how our relationship began many years ago... My Mother has had Type 1 Diabetes for over 54 years and when I noticed insulin bottles and syringes, both that I grew up with seeing in our fridge in a daily basis, on 22nd Street years ago, I had to find out more about the artist behind the art. I began sending my Mother more images that I had found on the streets depicting wheatpastes and prolific imagery from the same artist. She then shared the pictures with her friends and suppliers of her insulin pump, etc. I reached out via DM on Social Media and we have remained friends ever since. Appleton is the only artist that I know of raising Diabetic Awareness through his work.

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