Sen2: An Exclusive Interview with A.I.M.O.

So much has happened for you since I first interviewed you over a year ago. Please tell our readers how you started with both Mad Crew and Tats Crew so they can see the true progression of art styles. As artists we all have roots and inspirations. With MAD crew I was able to learn and experience what graffiti was all about. I honed my techniques and was able to practice my passion for lettering. From there I found my callings with TATS cru. With TATS I was able to learn about proper techniques, I established my own style and became familiar with New York's amazing graf world. Your work now seems to blend Pop Art and Abstract shapes. When did you find your style niche? After doing so much gra

Young Chun: An Exclusive Interview with A.I.M.O.

Please tell our audience of how growing up as a minister's child has influenced your work. I'm inspired and influenced by many things. I think everything I've come across has either directly or indirectly influenced my work in some way. So growing up as a pastor's kid, I've been introduced to people in the congregation from all different backgrounds, and naturally, as a child being exposed to the different lifestyles of people and the stories that they share about themselves - it has influenced my art, either directly or indirectly in some shape or form. As a kid, I would follow my parents to visit the homes of the church - goers. I remember in the homes of the more fortunate members, the

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