Handiedan: The Pin Up Queen

Congratulations on your solo show at Jonathan LeVine Projects! How different is this body of work than previously shown? For this show I focused on my ongoing fascination of seeing Time as a dimension. For me, this created new space in exploration, technique and deeper meaning, and my way of experiencing how the viewer is able to watch and interact with my pieces. My new work also has different color schemes, for example; the red coloured pieces and combining different structural techniques. Also, this show is emotionally my most personal show to date. How do you choose your subject matter? When starting a new design I have a strong atmosphere or symbolic meaning within the sensual image i

Richard Orlinski: Artist, Sculptor, DJ

You are one of France’s best-selling contemporary artists. How did your journey in the art world begin? I remember very well the moment I had a kind of love at first sight for creation. At school, when the other little boys used to play the brawl, I would prefer to create small terracotta animals. I was only 4 years old when my teacher called a local TV to come and discover my little sculptures. But growing up I ended up choosing a more steady job before I dropped it off to become an artist. Tell us about the first piece of artwork you created. What inspired you in doing so? The first piece of artwork I created was a red resin crocodile. This mysterious animal has always fascinated me and hu

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