Justin Ruby: The New King of Unique Portraiture

I have seen many mediums used over the years, but artist Justin Ruby caught my attention pretty quickly and I wanted to know more about his love of the sneaker culture. I have personally been involved in it for the past few years which all began with collecting pieces from artist Mimi Yoon. Then that opened the door to meeting an entirely new community which is constantly surprising me with an ever growing expansion of creativity. Justin Ruby was one of them. It was such a pleasure meeting you at AFA Gallery when both King Saladeen and Mister E had their show. I remember you stood out as I saw the back of your jacket was a portrait of A$AP Rocky- and the medium was unique. Something I had no

The Latest Piece from Artist Li-Hill: 'Process of Acceleration'

The latest piece by artist Aaron Li-Hill is simply breathtaking. Read below for a more detailed description of both the subject matter and the artist's intention while painting this particular piece. ‘Process of Acceleration’ Location: Grenoble, France Produced by: Street Art Fest Grenoble Alpes (@grenoblestreetartfest) Based on research about Grenoble, this piece speaks about the technological and environmentally focused innovation hub that Grenoble has become. How the geographic setting of Grenoble amid the mountains and rushing rivers, allowed for the advancement in early Hydrological energy and how that energy source paved the way for much greater advancements in science and technolo

BEYOND THE STREETS: Graffiti & Street Art Exhibition Debuts in Brooklyn

Vandalism As Contemporary Art MONUMENTAL GRAFFITI & STREET ART EXHIBITION BEYOND THE STREETS COMES TO BROOKLYN Tickets on sale now: BEYONDTHESTREETS.COM BEYOND THE STREETS, the premier exhibition of graffiti, street art and beyond, announced it will head to the art form’s epicenter: New York, on June 21st. The show celebrates society’s most pervasive mark makers and rule breakers with a sprawling showcase of work by more than 150 artists from around the world. Continuing its mission to elevate the art form and defy conventions, BEYOND THE STREETS New York will take over two floors of Twenty Five Kent, a new creative office building located on the waterfront in North Williamsburg. The exhibit

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