Lesson 101: #ArtOnLink

It's been several months since I first posted my #ArtOnLink piece in my IG feed of a piece by friend and artist Ellen Korbonski and I continue to see the likes of Baron Von Fancy, Subway Doodle, Michael Steinbrick and many more on the kiosks-if only for 15 seconds. I loved the idea of having "public art" on the street and I felt the need to know more about the company behind the program. I wanted to learn and share their submission process but first I had to understand their actual mission. So I reached out to Amanda Giddon, Senior Consumer Marketing Manager at Intersection.. Since launching the #ArtOnLink program, the Link network has changed how people encounter art and discover artists in

Hashimoto Contemporary NY Presents: "Rippling Stone" by artist DALeast

DALeast: RIPPLING STONE November 2nd - November 23rd, 2019 Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present Rippling Stone, a solo exhibition by Chinese-born, Berlin-based artist DALeast. Rippling Stone will be DALeast’s inaugural solo exhibition at Hashimoto Contemporary. Rippling Stone is DALeast’s first exhibition on the east coast in over five years, in which he utilizes his signature fluid, organic lines to form sinuous creatures that leap and swirl across the plane. DALeast spent years living nomadically and traveling the globe, after which he settled in Berlin. Many of the works in Rippling Stone are directly inspired by and reflect influences from these travels. DALeast utilizes acrylic

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