Ivan Alifan: An Exclusive Interview with A.I.M.O.

Ivan, can you please tell our audience about how you choose your subject matter? My subject matter is most often a portrait that has been dipped in ambiguous liquids. This started with my fascination of how sexy and attractive paint can be; the way the paint slowly squeezes out of a tube and on to a pallet . I often wondered if I was the only one that felt this way. I once was caught standing in line, staring, watching a Dunkin Donuts commercial. The image was of donuts being dipped in a chocolate glaze. It revealed a lot to me about our cravings and desires, and the innate sexuality that we as humans put into most things. I understand now why they call it “food porn”. I take those element

AM DeBrincat: Getting Up Close & Personal

I find your art so intriguing due to the fact that each piece has me searching to uncover the many layers that are used, piece by piece. How many mediums on average do you use in one piece of art? Each finished painting usually has three mediums - oil paint, acrylic paint, and xerox transfer printing. But my entire process from start to finish involves more mediums than that. Each piece starts in the computer - I have a huge archive of digital images, many of them my own photos and many that I've collected from online sources. I start by playing in Photoshop, combining up to 40 images into a single digital collage which is the basic "sketch" for the painting. This digital image becomes my ro

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