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My First Post on

What drove me here? Read below!

For the past year, I interviewed over 100 artists from around the globe. Doing it for someone else made me realize I could do it for myself, especially with my true passion for the arts and the artist's themselves.

Art is my oxygen as it truly motivates me to wake up each day. Art allows me to breathe so I continue on my journey of learning new things daily and being able to share them with you, makes it even more exciting.

I can now interview whomever I want, whenever I want and I welcome the newly found freedom. Artists, curators, collectors, gallery owners, photographers, etc. shall all come together on this site.

Pieces below are by Jocelyn Hobbie showing on exhibit now at Fredericks & Frasier located in NYC at 536 West 24th Street. Find about the gallery at


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