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Kit King: An Exclusive Interview with A.I.M.O.

Please tell our readers where it all began for you as we have personally touched upon that art is in your DNA. Were you trained in art school? If so, what was your favorite core class?

Oh no art school for me. Art is something I don't think I would ever want to be "taught". I still have too much of the kid in me that just wants to create for the fun of it. I also like the independence with it in having my artistic journey be 100% my own. I love teaching myself and I live for those "ah ha!" moments when things finally click. What is your most preferred subject matter and why?

It depends on my mood as where I'm at in my life and what my mental state is at time of creation. Too much to paint and not enough time to paint the same things over.

Are there any mediums you are intimidated by but would like to experiment with?

Art doesn't intimidate me- it intrigues me. I don't get into a medium with the hopes to master it. I get into it in hopes to learn from it. A lot less intimidating if you don't place these expectations of perfection on yourself. I've dabbled in most mediums I can think of, so there's not many I'm itching to try at the moment.

Lately I have been wanting to meld art and interior design though. Working with multiple mediums to create something new. Your hyper realistic paintings give me the goosebumps as they are so detailed and draw you in. How long do you spend on creating a piece- on average?

Thank you. Well, it depends on the size and level of detail, but anywhere from days to weeks.

If you could collaborate with any artist, either living or deceased, who would it be with and why?

My husband, Oda, because he's the only one who will tolerate my insanity.

No, ha ha, I actually am very difficult to work with though, so it's a miracle that I can collaborate as well with Oda as I can.

I admire so many artists and want to collaborate with them in theory, but in reality it wouldn't work out well. So just sticking to collaborating with my husband and sharing that special moment of sharing our love that was born of a shared passion is all I could really ask for.

What art hangs on your walls?

Not much haha. I'm so insanely picky about the art that hangs in my home. Currently I have one old work that was passed down to me, and a couple paintings my dog made before he passed away. We have a very minimalistic vibe to our home and studio, it's not covered in art like you'd expect from a house of artists.

I get overstimulated easily so I like things as simple as possible. Even in the studio I tape white paper up over finished works so they don't drive me batty. Unusual for an artist I know. Ha, don't judge me! What is next for you Kit? Kudos on your work with Mashonda Tifrere for ArtLeadHer, too- great show at Joseph Gross Gallery. Loved the show at Last Rites and found myself mesmerized by your work. That is when you really caught my attention!

I'm not sure what's next. I sort of fell into art as a career, so I imagine I'll continue to stumble through it. But I am taking my art in a new direction that could open new doors, so we'll see how it all pans out.

Where can our readers see more of your work?

Instagram: @kit_king and online at

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