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Jas9: An Exclusive Interview with A.I.M.O.

You do it all. Portraits, tags, illustrations...what is your favorite subject matter to paint and why?

My dream is to be a fashion muralist so I love portraits or women's bodies that's my focus right now it's painting beautiful fashion photography! I love letters it's what I started with in 2009 but now I'm trying to master my portraits! I think that's what will make it easier for me to get gigs to paint for fashion companies cause I can do letters (paint the logo of company and provide them with a beautiful portrait of a girl wearing their clothes).

What mediums do you prefer? Is there a color palette you tend to use most?

I love spray paint. I actually find I don't get the clean lines with acrylic and I have more control with a can! I think that's because I've had more practice with cans! I only use Montana Gold and hope to be sponsored by them one day! Recently the Ace Hardware by my house started carrying them!! Of all of the Montana styles of paint they carried Montana Gold so I feel like it's a sign from God saying just be patient as soon you will be sponsored by them!!

If you could collaborate with any brand, who would it be with? What do you think the outcome might look like?

Oh wow , definitely Nike!!! I already have my idea ready and graphic design ready for them lol! I'd love to have my own shoe with Nike it would be the Airmax with one of my prints not sure which print yet!! I actually will never do a mural for Fila or Adidas until I get to do Nike first because I don't want to block my chance at working with them!! I only wear Nike's to put the energy out there so that it can happen! I can't say what it will look like you'll just have to wait and see ;).

Do you prefer painting walls, canvases, gates, etc.?

I prefer painting walls!! I'm trying this month to do a spray painted canvas for the first time but it's tough and it's easier to do lashes and eyes on a larger scale for me! I love the being outside meeting new people I feel like I can spread my light and make people laugh while painting!

What is next for you?

Right now I'm painting these amazing plastic animals from infitoon!!! I'm so excited to paint this because my best child hood memory was painting clay animals in Mexico so now I'm doing it jumbo size! I will also be painting a mural for Pabst Blue Ribbon!

What art hangs on your walls?

I have an amazing Sino canvas that I bought to thank him for writing my letter to come into into the country and he taught me a lot he was one of my biggest mentors - he always taught me the importance to have many styles and the canvas is composed of tons of sketches thy he had made over the years and then on top he did a hollow script in red saying Style on! So it reminds me everyday to keep creating new styles and learning new techniques - I have a Chanel tennis racket that I made! I have vinyls that one of my idols CES one painted! I want to make a wall of mini canvases of bubble letters from writers that i admire yet I've just been so busy I haven't had the time . Once I own a home, I will start collecting. I have a really cool black and white cityscape of Paris with red trees! I have it to create the energy that I will go to Paris to paint a mural one day!! I also have a bunch of my lace vases around my house that you can now buy on my etsy shop! Click here to see what is on there!

If our readers want to learn more of your creative journey, where can they see your work? is my blog so you can see all my journey and I constantly update it! is my mural portfolio and my insta Is Jas.nine.

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