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Kim Keever: An Exclusive Interview with A.I.M.O.

Art under water. Enough said yet I would like you to tell our audience about how you photograph the paint and ink within the water, please. That is what we are looking at, correct?

Yes, that is correct. I literally pour paint and ink into the water and photograph it from outside of a 200 gallon aquarium filled with water.

I would imagine you never photograph the same piece twice as it is an ever changing canvas so to speak. It's more like a documentary of a moment in time. Would you agree?

That’s a good point. Sometimes I wish I could photograph some of these images again but I can’t, not even close. Once the process begins, there’s no real way to guide or shape any of the forms and colors. It becomes a very random process. Sometimes I think I would like to get a perfect self-portrait but I have a feeling it would take a million years. It’s definitely like a “still” from a documentary. I occasionally do videos of the process and combine them later. There are a couple on YouTube under my name.

What made you interested in your medium? Was it by accident or on purpose?

Originally, I was trying to get atmosphere into my plaster landscapes. It eventually dawned on me that paint in water might do the trick. Once I started working with water and paint I immediately realized the possibilities. Eventually it all lead to the simplified form of just dropping paint in water.

I have seen your work in person as was in awe of the color palettes used. Do you experiment with different colors and mediums?

I do experiment with different colors but no matter how I place them, they form new color combinations that are wonderful surprises to me. Sometimes I drop in as many as 10 colors.

If you could collaborate with any artist, alive or deceased, who would it be with and why?

In terms of collaboration, I would have to say Roxy Paine. He is an artist I greatly admire and is definitely one of my favorite artists.

Who/what inspires you while working?

When I am working I can only say I am of another mind. Without dwelling on the idea, I am always trying to make better and more interesting work relating to my inner self. I think of myself as being half conscious but informed by the subconscious. I am generally not inspired by fashion. I am always looking for a timeless quality.

What art do you collect?

I can’t say I’m much of a collector.

If our readers want to learn more about both you and your artwork, where can they go?

Everyone is always invited to see my website,

Instagram is kimkeever2

The main gallery I work with is here in New York City,

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