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Jonathan LeVine: An Exclusive Interview with A.I.M.O.

Jonathan, that eye of yours is spot on. I have been to the gallery countless times and each time I leave feeling excited about the body of work I had just seen. How long does it take you to commit to showing a particular artist?

There isn’t a particular time frame or system that I follow. It’s different for every artist. I typically watch an artist for awhile and see their work develop. Sometimes it takes years for me to ask an artist to work with me. Other times it only takes me minutes. Occasionally I will see an artist whose work I am so impressed with and that speaks to me in such an immediate way, I will reach out very quickly and start a conversation.

For the artist's out there dying to work with you-I must ask how you accept submissions? When would there be time for a new artist to show- 2020?! Do tell.

I don’t accept submissions, as that is not how my process works. We used to accept submissions and we would get 1000’s a year. We don’t have the resources to go through all those submissions. I work with a handful of artists so I am not typically looking for many new artists to work with. I look to have long relationships with the artists I work with and not always be putting new ones in my space. We are interested in building an artist’s career and that can only happen with a long term commitment on both our parts.

I remember last summer listening to you on a panel discussion about the arts and you mentioned how you traveled quite a bit visiting artists from around the globe. Are there certain countries where you have found the most talent? If so- where?

I find great art where ever I go. I do however find that the Japanese make very finely crafted work. You will not find this level of craftsmanship in such abundance in many other places.

Who/What is next at the gallery?

The next show at my gallery is a group show called Cluster. There will be around 15 artists who will create anywhere from 8 to 12 pieces on average and we will arrange there work in a cluster. It will be seen as a grouping of installations or even a mini art fair. There are lots of new artists I will be working with for this show and I am very excited.

Where can our readers learn more about both you and the gallery and do you sell work online?

You can of course visit my site at

There are also a variety of articles, videos and a podcast you can listen to as well. Please see below.

We do sell work online. For less expensive prints and books you can go to our “shop” section of our online store.

All of the original work we have for sale is on our site as well. If you see something you like, you can contact us and we will answer any questions you have and assist you in your purchase.

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