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Kym Roc: An Exclusive Interview with A.I.M.O.

Getting the June Glam Bag from Ipsy blew my mind as you designed the bag! Please tell us how this collaboration came about?

The creative and production department at IPSY contacted me as they liked my work. They wanted to do a female empowerment and embracing the whole graffiti street art scene glam bag. They did their own research and my name kept coming up. A few big names in the scene dropped my name and referred me. Pretty cool...they were inspired by my work. I created the wall for their #IpsyRebelRebel photoshoot backdrop. I also painted graffiti on both the wardrobe and mailer bags for their BTS youtube video (June 2016 "Rebel Rebel" Glam Bag BTS + Sneak Peek).

You do it all- paint, prints, spray. What is your favorite medium to use and subject matter?

My favorite medium is the spray can of course, its my first love well crayons were but you can cover so much more space with the can. My favorite subject matter... well I have a few and definitely some are anime, stories from my childhood and characters that bring me happiness.

I saw your collabs with clients, too. That Chanel bag came out beautifully. What are you working on now?

Thank you! I had fun painting it! She gave me freedom to do whatever I wanted and of course, I looked into the things she loved and was all about. Currently I am working on a cartoon series for children. Stay tuned...

This was custom made for me! Has a grill inside, too.

Do you have an online store?

Yes, I do. My website is and on the home page menu option SHOP click on there two icons leads you to shopping merchandise page. and On there you can choose from a few different selections for apparel and novelty items which direct you to the products for purchase.

What art hangs on your walls?

I have an eclectic style. Many from my crew artists (who are my mentors) to anime. My favorite painting is the one my uncle gave me before he passed away. He was a teacher and a writer who lived in New York City. The painting is done in watercolor and is a landscape of an old country side in Kusong North Korea before the war where they fled and had to leave. It's beautiful.

What pieces are you most proud of and why? The pieces I'm most proud of on a wall.

I am proud of almost all of them painting on a large scale is labor intensive but self rewarding at the same time. One particular wall about 2 stories high ran for almost 5 years until new owner came and renovated the side of building. It was on Melrose and Sierra Nevada- the wall started on the high traffic spot of Melrose then wrapped around the corner. My mural was the side of the entire building and was the front of the boutique Voom by fashion designer Joy Han. It appeared on Bravo TV and the E Channel. I got paid for the airing rights. It took me a week to complete I had no lifts just a couple of ladders and a 25' extension roller which I used to make the clouds throughout the painting. The writer girl in the mural stood as expression for female empowerment. The blonde bombshell in front with the bikini top was a tribute to the Cali Girl. Well they are both bombshells according to me and my fans.

This wall was not the first I did on my own it was the size and on Melrose which is CBS Crew Hood, my first wall, in my hood, and my whole crew was very proud of me.

Where can our readers see more of your work?

On my site, Instagram and they can google me too.

They can also go to these sites, as well:

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