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Sen2: An Exclusive Interview with A.I.M.O.

So much has happened for you since I first interviewed you over a year ago.

Please tell our readers how you started with both Mad Crew and Tats Crew so they can see the true progression of art styles.

As artists we all have roots and inspirations. With MAD crew I was able to learn and experience what graffiti was all about. I honed my techniques and was able to practice my passion for lettering. From there I found my callings with TATS cru. With TATS I was able to learn about proper techniques, I established my own style and became familiar with New York's amazing graf world.

Your work now seems to blend Pop Art and Abstract shapes. When did you find your style niche?

After doing so much graffiti, I wanted to share a bigger vision with art lovers. So I began combining pop art with my urban style. I love abstract and geometric shapes and bright colors. It has become a passion and signature for me. I enjoy what I paint.

I am a proud owner of one of your prints with 1xrun. How often do you release prints?

The 1xrun prints were a big success. I don't release a lot of prints because I respect my fans and collectors. When I release a limited edition print, it's exactly that. Limited. But more are coming in the future.

What gallery shows or outside murals are next for you?

I am currently exhibiting with several galleries in L.A., NY and Germany. Next exhibit will be in Chelsea in April. I try to keep my art circulating all over the world. I will be traveling soon to Colombia and Puerto Rico for a mural project.

I saw a wonderful bag on you IG feed. Are you creating wearable art in the near future?

I do have several merchandise items in the works. The scheduling is not firm yet but I do want to launch some wearables.

Where can our readers learn more about your journey?

On my website you can read my Bio and C.V. as well as access videos of my journey.

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